Quality is of great importance to us and therefore we invest in cultivars like mainly Sifra and Mondial.  Our potatoes are available from February to the end of September on the national fresh produce markets and selected retailers. In order to cater for specific customer needs, we use a grading system that consists of four lines of quality.

The top-quality line is named AQUA and is available in 5kg-, 7kg- and 10kg bags. A 1kg-, 2kg-, 3kg- and 5kg bag can also be packed by order, with branding of choice. AQUA quality lends itself perfectly to display, as it is a handpicked line.

Our X-treme quality in both 7 kg- and 10 kg bags is typical bag sell quality. It is a grade 1 potato with minor skin flaws.

Our extremely popular Loverswalk brand is a second-grade line that quite often borders on first grade. If you want more bang for your buck, Loverswalk is the bag of choice. It is also available in 7kg- and 10kg bags.

Our last quality line is our third-grade potatoes in a red and white X-treme bag.   It is only available in 10kg bags.

Did you know?

One medium potato contains 45 percent of the daily recommended vitamin C