If your heart is from Africa, you have a great love for the diverse wildlife our continent inhabits, and to start with Game as a farming division, was just a natural outcome of that love.

Initially we started off small with just a few Impalas, Elands and Oryx.  But soon after that, the bug bit and we expanded our range of species from three to eight.  Except for our initial 3 types of game, we now also have Kudus, Zebras, Sable antelopes, Giraffes and Buffaloes.  Apart from the species that we bought from other breeders, smaller wildlife species like Oribis and Dykers occur naturally on the grasslands of our farm.  Not to mention the occasional warthog family that trots by idly, the curious but cautious meerkats, numerous vervet monkey families, porcupines and a diverse collection of birdlife species to excite any birdwatcher.

One of the most exciting developments of our gaming division, was the arrival of our first very own Buffalo and Sable calves during the winter of 2019.

To ensure that our population numbers don’t exceed the capacity of the veld, we offer a restricted amount of hunting packages annually, considering the size of the different herds.  The diverse range of game on the farm makes it an attractive opportunity for both the trophy hunter as well as the hunter who hunts for food.  A complete butchery with cooling facility means that all your after-hunt needs will be taken care of.

But foremost, we believe that the tranquility of the farm, combined with the beauty of the wildlife, makes for the best weekend getaway or holiday escape, even if you have no interest in hunting.  We have accommodation available consisting of a comfortably sized self-service cottage/lodge with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, a lounge and fully equipped kitchen.  In front of the lodge is a firepit with enough wood and plentiful seating to ensure that time spent with family and friends under the beautiful African sky, can be enjoyed until the early hours of the next day.  Stargazing turns into an activity of its own out here, where days bleed into night with the most beautiful sunsets ending in breathtaking starry nights.

Did you know?

In some countries the other name for a buffalo is ‘Black death’