Cattle, especially Simbras, was a passion that turned into a hobby which led to a business.

The Simbra breed is just a natural choice for any cattle lover who has to farm in a variety of challenging circumstances.  The Simbra breed is a cross between the Brahman and Simmentaler. The Brahman was chosen for its tolerance towards heat and insects, excellent foraging ability and superb hardiness, as well as maternal calving ease.  Simmentaler was chosen for rapid growth and fertility. Combine these two and you get one of the most popular breeds in South Africa due to its fertility, good beef characteristics, but above all, a breed that is perfectly bred to adjust to almost any environmental challenge.  It is for that reason it is called the complete all-round breed.

AQUA’s livestock division is a trendsetter when it comes to our aim towards regenerative agriculture. We implement the strategy of high intensity grazing on cover crops as well as natural grazing.

In our commercial Simbra herd we specifically aim to improve our genetics by using hardy, veld adapted bulls in our breeding program. Our goal is to breed a fertile, medium frame replacement heifer which is rapidly sexually mature to come in calf once a year. Because of the high fertility of our herd, we hold auctions on the farm from time to time where we present some of our fertile female animals to the industry.

Did you know?

The Simbra is a dual-purpose breed, which means that it has great beef characteristics as well as excellent milk.