About Us

Situated in the Western Free State and about 30 km from Christiana in the North West province, AQUA farming produces potatoes, onions and pecans. There is also a cattle division where Simbras are the breed of choice.

Irrigation on AQUA takes place from the Vaal River by way of a pipeline that was laid in 2004 . It opened up exciting new possibilities. The sandy soil types of the Western Free State region makes for producing potatoes of a high quality. The qualities of the natural environment along with the sound business ethics of the company, makes for a successful enterprise.  At AQUA the passion of farming meets the passion to add value to every role player in the farming business. The motto – QUALITY COUNTS – is applicable to not only the products, but also every member of the work force and to farming practices.

Our History

Johan Greyling and his wife, Ronèl are third generation farmers on Aqua. Johan started farming in 1993 after completing his BSc Agric degree at the UFS.  Ronel joined the farming business in a full time capacity,  after quitting her job as high school teacher in 2000.

Ironically the farm got its name from a lack of water. In 1942, there was no water on the farm.  Donkeys were used to carry water wherever necessary.  It was a dry land farm and the ancestors were completely reliant on rain for their crops. When they successfully drilled for water, they were so thankful, that they called the farm Aqua.

Johan and Ronel decided to keep things simple by naming their farming company, which was registered in 2003, after the farm. Thus, AQUA Farming Pty Ltd.

Our Motto

Our motto at Aqua is:  QUALITY COUNTS.  This is what makes Aqua the unique farming enterprise that it is today.

QUALITY:  We believe in the quality of our people and continuously develop them, as well as our products.

COUNTS:  Counting is a very important aspect of our farm.  We count during planning for the new season, we measure, and most importantly, everyone on the farm counts.  In our extended farming ‘family’, we seek to add value to the lives of each and every one on the farm.  

At Aqua, everyone is treated as an equal and differences in ranking are merely for the sake of the smooth running of the business and the exploiting of each individual’s capabilities and potential to the maximum.

Our Mission

We provide a sustainable, quality product and food security in a diverse ecosystem which maintains a balance between man and nature on a self-sustainable basis to ensure maximum profit per hectare to create a safety network and opportunities for all employees.

We live out our talents, love and passion with pride, excellence and loyalty to get out what we put in.

Our Vision

AQUA is a technologically integrated, responsible and sustainable agri producer that

  • constantly and consistently produces and delivers above average products
  • creates an environment where people can be happy and successful
  • where integrity, trustworthiness and community involvement are established in a steadfast, safe work environment which provides in everyone’s needs.

Our Values

Our core values support what we stand for and believe in on Aqua.  Our values include:

  • People: Treating people with respect and humanity.
  • Nature:  To have respect for the earth which makes the pure existence of our business possible.
  • Processes: To ensure that we comply with the necessary rules and regulations and  that we meet national standards for our products.  These processes also ensure the safety of all our workers.
  • Clients:  Our clients are the people we regard very highly, because they are the ones who make us a successful business.
  • Management: We aim to incorporate precision, passion, knowledge and a continuous hunger for developing and learning in all that we do.
  • Community: We strive for ubuntu.

Our Community Involvement

Our involvement in the community is crucial to us.  The employees of Aqua come from the surrounding communities and therefore it is these communities that we want to be involved in and in which we would like to invest.

  • Soccer: Aqua was the main sponsor of the Aqua Young Stars, an inspired senior soccer team from Magareng that made it to the Nationals.
  • Our school for Adult Education and our creche on the farm.
  • We are sponsors for events that are being held by schools, churches and other community affairs in both Warrenton and Christiana.
  • Skills development:  Workers with exceptional skills and a willingness to better themselves are given the opportunity to expand their skills at tertiary institutions with the support of Aqua.
  • Three of our permanent employees are also trained Life Plan Facilitators which centres around personal development and improvement.  They handle the Life Plan training of the other employees.
  • Six of our male employees are trained as Fatherhood facilitators.  They form small groups where they discuss the basic principles of fatherhood, manhood, daily challenges we experience and how to best lead your family as the head of your house.  We believe that our human resources are our biggest asset and an investment in our workforce and their families is an investment with endless returns.
  • We annually receive at least 3 students from different tertiary institutions who come to Aqua to do their practicals.  We offer them the best support and guidance in the different divisions on the farm respectively under senior managers on the farm who act as mentors.  These students are offered the best exposure to every aspect of our business.
  • We also played a part in the Madebogo HIV/Aids Project.