Pecans are cultivated on the Vaalharts Irrigation Scheme in Hartswater. Our oldest trees have been planted in 2008 and are now in full production.  In 2013 the first trees were also planted on AQUA.

We believe in diversification in our farming business.  Due to the growing demand for pecan nuts, not only internationally, but also on home ground, pecans presented itself as the perfect alternative to other crops.  Because pecan nuts are an excellent export product in high demand, it gives us the opportunity to earn foreign currency.

Pecans require lots of patience.  A young tree gets planted in the orchard at age 4 but only comes in production in the tenth year.  Hal Borland rightfully said: “If you would know strength and patience, welcome the company of trees.”

Pecans are a very green product seeing that it is beneficial to the environment. It requires the minimum amount of chemicals for growing and needs almost no insecticides and pesticides in South Africa thanks to our drier climate.

Pecan nut trees are wind pollinated.  We have Wichitas, Nahavo and Choctow trees on our farm.  We also have a few experimental Riverside trees.

We planted Lucerne between some of our trees.  This was a strategy with a win-win outcome. Lucerne puts nutrients in the ground to benefit the trees, it covers the soil which protects the stems of the trees against the abrasive effect of sand in windy situations, it guards the soil against erosion and prevents excessive water loss due to evaporation.  With all The Lucerne also plays an important role regarding the cash flow

Not only are pecans a healthy, tasty snack, but you may indulge without feeling guilty at all, because the benefits are almost endless! Pecans contain more than 19 vitamins and minerals and is loaded with good fats.  It is also very high in plant protein which makes it an excellent alternative to meat and other plant proteins. Only 2 pecans per day can substantially lower your blood cholesterol to protect you against heart disease and strokes.  Pecans make you feel satiated for longer and gives your metabolism a good kick, which is very good news for people looking at losing weight in a healthy manner. The magnesium in pecans can lower your blood pressure and strengthen your immune system.  And these are just a few of the benefits!! The list just goes on and on.

Did you know?

The oldest fruit bearing pecan tree is 400 years old!  But besides its prehistoric status, pecans were part of NASA’s 1972 space travel with Apollo 16 – true space food!  It was packed as a healthy snack due to its numerous health benefits.